domo~ i know you miss me :D

but i don't know why... I couldn't get into the mood to blog ever since i get here.
but i want to update about my life to my family and friends and i want to remind myself again of the days i have here. soooo here i am! (though i'm kinda forcing myself to write this.. lol)

hmmm.. eto ne, i like my current life, and i love being back to school. I love hanging out with my friends even if just around the neighborhood. 

though having Japanese lessons, nothing but Japanese lesson everyday bores me and i'm forced to memorise tons of vocabularies till my head gonna burst, some day. 

it was kind of stressful even my period came earlier than expected.
まあぁ.. 何来るないさ、頑張ろう!頑張るしかないからね。

okay, I'm gonna talk about a recent one day trip to Kobe! with the school, on the..10th May, it's a Thursday, and it's not a school holiday nor a public holiday but somehow the school planned this and so we went! 
awesomeee right, i know. hehe :D
The famous Akashi Kaikyo Bridge of Kyoto!
E class! :D
Gara-chan and me!
Me and Anan X)
and we went up that bridge!
our class's girls ^_^
and then we came to Kobe Winery..
and had BBQ for lunch!! 美味しくて、楽しかった!
after that it was free and easy so we explore the place a little.
with Eing (Thai) and Peter (Korean), we were at a small hill. it's niceee
i love lin-san's camera! haha
maa.. it was short but quite fun and we even had karaoke on the bus coz it was quite a long journey, thanks to my very enthu classmate, Baha-chan doing the MC. lol..

I'm ending the post with a recent neoprint i took with the dorm-mates! (:


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